Monday, June 13, 2011

Zamperelli's is too good to be cutesy with a title.

Nancy and Jimmy's Zamperelli's (or Z's we call it) restaurant was one of the Ninja families regular haunts when we lived down south. Now anytime we are in a 20 mile radius of the place near a meal time we head back it is just that good.
Place maybe small but not the flavors.

Bread and dipping oil to start
Poached Pear and Gorgonzola Salad
Poached pears (and when in season local ones from Palisade) atop fresh greens lightly coated in a balsamic dressing and Gorgonzola crumbles and candied walnuts to finish. Good as a meal for one or better to split as a starter between two.  

Blood Orangecello Martini
Nancy and Jimmy make their own Blood Orangechello. So good on its own as a aperitif but even better made into a martini. (No longer on the menu but if you ask Nancy really nice like I did she may make you one too and you should ask because it is ssssoooo good. A Cosmo with 100% more flavor and depth.)
Eggplant Parmesan with Papperdelle Noodles and Marinara Sauce
The Eggplant Parmesan (also available in a kick-ass pizza) is my favorite dish on the menu. Not being a fan of Spaghetti noodles I always ask for mine with Paperdelle. (their is an extra cost but I don' care) I did it so often Nancy finally had to put a button on the computers so wait staff could enter it without a big to do. Why you say is theirs so good? 1. Super thin slices of Eggplant lightly breaded. 2. A ricotta cheese mix between the layers adds richness and a whole lot of flavor. 3. The sauce is real Italian marinara it is well I have heard from Italians it really is a gravy that you just put on everything. Perfectly seasoned, not salty or bland and you could put it on everything. 4. Do you see the amount of cheese on top? It can feed 1 very hungry person but I usually get 2 meals out of it.

Carne Pizza with Neuske Bacon
If you have never heard of Neuske Bacon than when you have this pizza you are in for a treat. As they say on their own site "Here's the bacon so good it's won national acclaim from The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Cuisine Magazine and been named Gold Award Winner in the Specialty Food Association's 2010 national competition."  Lean, meaty bacon patiently smoked 24 hours over smoldering Applewood embers. In other words the best. Add that onto a brick oven crust, imported pepperoni, Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese and it's awesome. The Ninja orders it all the time and I take a piece even when I have my own meal to devour. 

Next time you are going in or out of Boulder tack a little side trip to Z's and taste a little New York right here in Colorado. 

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